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This opportunity is rare, so make sure you have all the details.
Earn your Golden Coupon for FREE Ohayo Morning Sheet Masks!

How do I participate?

We will be giving away Golden Coupons to active community members
AND winners in our giveaways! 

What’s "Active Community Members"?

  • Join our community on Discord and/or Facebook Group
  • Invite 3 Friends to our Discord and/or Facebook Group
  • Be an active member in the community!

We value our community. We will be hand-picking the most dedicated and active members in our communities.

When are the "Giveaways"?

Make sure to follow us to get information about giveaways in the near future!

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What is the Golden Coupon?

The Golden Coupon will be your ticket to earn your FREE Ohayo Morning Sheet Masks!
The coupon will be handed out before our official pre-sale starts. Once the pre-sale website is live, use your Golden Coupon to receive your FREE Ohayo Morning Sheet Masks. (You will be responsible for shipping only)

Sounds great! How long do I have? 

This campaign will run until we give out all our coupons or the product is officially launched.

I have a Golden Coupon! Now what?

Congrats! Once the pre-sale website is live, use your Golden Coupon to receive your FREE Ohayo Morning Sheet Masks.
Make sure you claim your free Ohayo Morning Sheet Mask BEFORE they sell out!

How many Golden Coupons are you handing out?

At the moment, we have 50 coupons. 

I like free stuff, but I’m not sure what Ohayo Morning Sheet Masks are. 

No problem. In short, Ohayo face masks were made for busy people and people who want to minimize their morning skincare routine! The Morning Face Masks are a 4-in-1 product: they cleanse, tone, moisturize, and prime your skin in the morning in just 60 seconds. They’re perfect for skincare in bed or when you’re tight on time in the morning!

To learn more, visit our Morning Face Mask Website!

How Do I Purchase the Ohayo Morning Sheet Mask? 

Our presale is currently set to begin in June. Our presale will be limited stock, so make sure to join our Discord and Facebook communities before we sell out!

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